Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Can I do it this time?

Now how do I start? What do I talk about? Should I delete my old blog and start new? Should I revamp it all and start anew? What do I do? What will I write about? Will I be able to come up with complete sentences? Full pages? Will anyone actually read what I write?

Those were the questions running through my head at 3 a.m. as i lay staring at the ceiling TRYING to fall asleep! I write every single day in my journal. So why am I so nervous about writing here now? I guess in the past I actually had stuff going on to write about. I took a million pictures a day. I scrapbooked and I created. I really don't have much going on in my life to write about these days!

So if any of you are still out there in blogger land reading this, HELP!!
Give me a suggestion for a first post! Some idea! Inspiration! SOMETHING!!

Ta-Ta For Now,

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Did a whole lot of NOTHING today! Went drinking last night....Ricky G's...UHGHGHGH I am hating Jager today!!! Drank way too much!! Wont drink again til next weekend. Tommy's 49th birthday party...WOOHOO!!! Ok, leaving you with some pics cuz im too tired to write! LATERS!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Was a good day.......................

Danielle had no skool today so it was Me, Tommy and the girls all day! We started out the morning by me and the girls sharpening crayons and saving the shavings. Then once Tommy decided to get his lazy ass outta bed (1030ish) we started collecting leaves for our "When hannah is sleeping" art project!
Hannah decided to attack Danielle while she was sititng in the grass!!
Then she took her "baby" (elmo) for a walk in her stroller.
Moved onto the backyard where Danielle decided to be a tough guy and attack her mommy....
HA! That didnt work...I attacked her, sat on her shoulders and kissed her faced til she begged for mercy!!
Then it was naptime for all!
After naptime Hannah and I decided to do Mot's hair....Isnt he cute? Then it was Hannahs turn, then Mommys then Danielles!!!
The girls went to dinner with Danny, came back and goofed around a lil bit then we put Hannah to bed....Thats when Tommy decided to be The Incredible Hulk and rip off his shirt....Im always calling him fat so he showed me his Demi Moore pose....not knowing i had the camera! (he's gonna kill me!!) So then he asked for a tshirt...>He didn't specify what kind of tshirt....So Danielle gave him a pretty pink striped tank top!!! OK, that's my post for today! Here's all the pics!! ENJOY!!!

My pregnant boyfriend.........(Don't kill me tom!)
My Danielle............ Goofy!

Mot and Hannah's hair!

Mommy and Hannah hair!

My girl...

Taking her baby for a stroll...

Hannah got her big sister!

Pretty in pink...

Mommy got her with kisses!

Trying to attack mommy...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Guess who's back...Back again...Shadys back...Tell your friends....

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! Did ANYONE miss me? Anyone at all? My last post was June of last year. HOLY SHIT!!! Last post was me getting my memorial tattoo for Jason...Jason who's birthday was just this past Sunday. My wifey made it through the day pretty good if i do say so myself! I think i was more sad than she was. Weird i know!!

I have decided, once again, to write on this thing daily...Well, I am going to TRY for daily. Don't know how well that is going to work out. But i will try. I have so much shit going through my head every single day that i need an outlet. Need somewhere to vent my feelings. Get shit OUT!!! Outta my head before it EXPLODES and i vent through Mot (ill explain Mot in a few...chillax)...So, my goal is to try to write every, single day. Even if it is just a post and a picture....ANYTHING! SOMETHING!! I miss writing everyday....

So, SO much has happened since my last post. OH MY! I don't even know where to start! When i last posted i was single(ish), living in my apartment on Lunt, alone and having the time of my life!! Saw my girlies for a few hours every evening, slumber parties with me, Danielle, Hannah and Katie every single weekend. Life was pretty good...Summer was just starting, weather was changing and i was content with my life...........So let's see....Where do i start?? Month by month maybe?? You know Ive smoked a lil too much of that wacky tobaccy in my time so i dont know how much i can remember....A year ago!!! ok, lets see...

JULY: July changed my life completely. Lets start with The Fourth of July weekend. I went to Iron Mountain, MI with Kristen and Danielle. I got to see my beloved TATER TOT!! I haven't seen him in years. Danielle got to see her bestest buddy Miss Anna and we hung out with Emma and her boyfriend Clint. It was a great weekend. Here is a picture of me and Tater and a pic of Kristen, Tater, Emma and Anna.....Fun times
Lets move on to the end of July....July 26/27 to be exact!! Was a normal McKellin's night! Me, Ellyne, Murphy and Z all went out drinking....We all went outside to smoke. Across the street i saw some guy wearing a Social Distortion shirt....HOTT guy BTW! So i pointed him out to EZ. EZ yelled "She likes your shirt..." and the dude said thanks and went into the bar. When i was done smoking i was walking back to my "perch" and SickBoy was playing on the jukebox. Dude walked up to me and asked if he could sit next to me....BUT OF COURSE!!!! He was hot, why would i say no to that.. DUH! So we proceeded to drink and drink and fucking DRINK ourselves to oblivion. We talked ALL NIGHT....He was moving to a house in Park Ridge the next morning, owned a handyman service and he was single and blah blah blah...So at closing me my(hot dude) and Ellyne all went back to my place to continue the partying. Well after an awkward morning, Tommy left....i didn't hear from him for weeks. Then out of the blue i get a voicemail from him while i am at work. He left the song "Far way" (soc d) on my voicemail......So i get home and my cell rings and its HIM! Or so i thought! It was actually his girlfriend,.....His girlfriend who he lived with in that house in Park Ridge! So after a million calls from her where Ellyne had to convince her that there was nothing going on between us and that he was just some dude that wanted to buy her bulldog, that was it.....I thought he was SCUM!!! This is the night Tommy and I met at McKellins................

AUGUST: Out of the blue Tommy(Mot) starts sending me texts. I didn't know if it was him or his girl so i answered like it was her. So he left me a voicemail explaining that his girlfriend stole his cell and called everyone on his phone. Then he sent me a text that said "Mike Ness thanks you".....So knew it was him....We talked and talked and talked...Even said Hi to Ed (his kid bro)...

Lets move onto September: September 10th comes around. We text all day (Mot and I)...

He calls me when i get home. Says he is in the neighborhood...He is covered in mud and he fucked up his hand. And since "your a nurse you can fix me"....Well, the last time he stopped by i was just getting home from work and i was in scrubs! So he comes over, he showers, i give him some pj pants and a tshirt and make him dinner....we sat on the couch and watch tv while i fix his fucked up hand.......the next morning we both leave for work.....he calls me a million times that day and comes over again that night....and that was it....He never left. I fell in love with Mot that first night i met him. Who would have thought that a one night stand would end up being me in love with my soul mate. Yeah, sounds kind of corny doesn't it. But, it is true. Those first few months were probably the happiest months ever. We were together day and night. Except Friday nights. He stayed at a friends on the nights i had my kids for awhile. Then one night i said FUCK IT! I had left Danny almost a year before. If i wanted a boyfriend SO BE IT! He was nervous as hell to meet my kids. He fell in love with Hannah instantly. And Hannah him....To this day they are inseparable.....He loves her and she loves him......

So turn the clock all the way to now, November 2009.....We have our own house!! On Fitch just blocks from my babies.....I no longer work for Childrens so I'm home every single day with my girls and Tommy....Kristen rents out our big happy family!! Ummmm NOT! LOL We have our ups and our super lowwwwwwsss...But most of all, i am happy with the direction my life is heading.....Ok, forgot how hard it is to write this thing!! Tomorrow will be easier cuz i don't have to update a years worth of shit all at I'm logging off now...But i leave you with pictures....


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Listen here Jersey Girl.......................

Here's my post.

I have nothing to say.

What i have to say i will say in pics....

here ya go........

Sometimes im angry and i cut myself! Well, not really....Sometimes i just go get two tattoos at once just to wear the "special" bandages!!!

This is for this stalker dude who wont stop following me! So instead of me being like "Bitch! Stop Following Me" i just hold up my wrist!

These two should totally just get a room and make out! They are already rolling around in their pjs touching eachother and shit!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Two posts in a month!

That would be a record for me these days!!!
Unlike "other people" who shall remain nameless (SIOBHAN)....who hasn't updated in YEARS!!! HA!! HA!!

Nothing else is new since my last post...
Hence the reason i have not updated this here website!

Lets start with Yellie!!!
She was picked for the talent show at her skool. She sang "I wonder" by Kellie Pickler...
I didn't even make it into the auditorium before 5 people stopped to tell me how great she was and that i will need tissues! She was AWESOME!! I would put the video on here but, i don't have it! I keep forgetting to ask Kev for it!!
Oh! Danielle is officially on two wheels! She took her training wheels off....she called Gramps to let him know that she "wont need training wheels on her first car!!" So exciting!!

Ok, now onto Hannah....
My baby stood unassisted at Physical Therapy last week. She has been going to PT once a week for "low tone" and "low trunk muscle"..... and she is TERRIFIED of standing on her own!!! So, during therapy the therapist is showing us different exercises to do with her and not paying attention, Hannah stands and continues to stand without any only last a minute or so until she realized "OH SHIT...NO ONE IS HOLDING ME" so, she plopped down on her butt and that was it for her!!!

Other than that...May has been pretty boring. Work Work Work and that's about it!! No pics since I'm updating via my phone! Maybe later ill add some!!!


Saturday, May 3, 2008

So it's been awhile...........

FUCKING SUE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've been busy!
Well not really.
Just a lot of SHIT going on....
So, I'm just gonna update yous with pics!


Newest addition to ME!!

My Hannah Baby at Easter...

My Yellie and her cousin on Easter...

Yeah, we drink too much...

KC teaching Danielle all about Pinstriping...

Awwwwww We be in love!
Where's my beer?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Birthday To You...........

Hannah Is One!
My Baby Hannah is officially 1!

We had a birthday party at my place for her.

All her aunts and uncles and friends were here.

She was exhausted by the end.

When she went home, Danny said she was sound asleep in minutes!

She loved her birthday cake!
Well, she loved the frosting!
My Helper for the day! She did all the decorations!And she opened all her little sisters presents too!My BrosAunt Linda and CharlieBaby and DaddyCrazy KC LadyDa Thug

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Guess Who Turned "Dirty Thirty"???

It's official.......
Da Judge is 30!!!!!!
We celebrated bigtime at McKellins!
It was lots of fun!
All my favorite people were with me.
They even had the bar sing happy birthday to me!
I got flowers from Greg Kelly!
My girl Allison serenaded me with "Brown Eyed Girl"!!!

Golans and I smiling again!

My crazy wife!

My Murphy and I


Kay and I

The End of the night............